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Welcome to eMPInet.com
posted by editor on Friday May 22, @08:00AM
from the News dept.
News e-MPInet is all about Manufacturing Process Improvement, or let's just call it MPI for short. Its goal is to be the on-line community-driven source for MPI news, answers, product reviews, and practices.

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Alternate Workholding Method Fits New Machining Strategy
posted by editor on Friday April 27, @08:00AM
from the Toolroom dept.
Work Holding For MMSOnline Derek Korn writes... Increased demand for armor plating led this shop to revamp its machining technique for those components. Rather than machining individual workpieces, the shop now nests multiple components in a single aluminum plate. A custom vacuum workholding system plays a significant role in this new strategy. Read more.

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Pipe fabricator saves big time with big bends
posted by editor on Friday April 27, @05:00AM
from the Process-Engineering dept.
Roll Bending For thefabricator.com Dan Davis writes... Pipes are definitely big business for Universal Pipe. Lou Lehman, the company's president, estimates the shop's 20 employees move about 9,000 tons of steel out the door every year for primarily bridge and road work projects. Pipes in the 168-in.-ID range, however, weren't possible until about six years ago. At that time the shop used a roll bender capable of bending 3/4-in. plate, but the requests for pipe constructed of even thicker steel kept coming. If Universal Pipe wanted to grow the shop, it needed a roll bender capable of bigger bends. Read more.

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Application Notes: Robotic Painting - A new phase in robotic paint application
posted by editor on Thursday April 26, @08:00AM
from the Automation dept.
Finishing For PFOnline Martin D. Rola writes ... In recent years, advances in robotic paintshop applications have provided significant performance improvements in terms of application efficiency, quality and operating costs. Users and potential users of painting robots are looking for reduced capital costs, smaller footprints, reduced installation time and cost, and the ability to process a wider range of vehicles. To meet these goals, a new design approach has been successfully applied to robotic painting systems. This has spawned the latest phase in robotic paint systems, which can provide significant benefits to end-users in all areas described above. Read more.

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Efficient Operation With High-Pressure Coolant
posted by editor on Thursday April 26, @05:00AM
from the Process-Engineering dept.
Machining For Production Machining Chris Felix writes ... Manufacturers spend millions of dollars on liquid coolants each year to help machine tools cut metal more efficiently. In many cases, however, the effect of this coolant could be greatly enhanced—in some applications by 100 percent or more—by using a high-pressure coolant delivery system. Read more.

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Boosting Machine Spindle Speed For Micromachining Applications
posted by editor on Wednesday April 25, @08:00AM
from the Toolroom dept.
Cutting Tools For MMSOnline Derek Korn writes... Small-diameter end mills and drills used for micromachining require very high rpm to achieve sufficient cutting speed and material removal rates. There are different ways that shops can add high-speed capacity to allow them to machine micromolds, electronic devices, medical parts and other such tiny components. One option is to purchase a dedicated, high speed machining center. A more economical alternative is to use an auxiliary, high speed spindle that installs and operates in a conventional machine’s locked spindle. Read more.

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Turning a machine shop into a fabrication shop
posted by editor on Wednesday April 25, @05:00AM
from the Business-Profiles dept.
Facilities For thefabricator.com Eric Lundin writes... Senior Editor Eric Lundin traces the history of a machine shop-turned-fabricator. Founded in 1984 as Target Boring, the company changed from a machining shop to a fabrication shop when, in 1994, it purchased its first sheet and plate laser cutting system. Now named Target Laser & Machining Inc., it boasts three lasers for sheet and plate (two 2-D machines and one multiaxis machine) and one for cutting tube. Read more.

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Ceramic Fibers For Precision Deburring
posted by editor on Tuesday April 24, @08:00AM
from the Process-Engineering dept.
Deburring For Production Machining Chris Koepfer writes... Removing burrs from precision machined parts is the bane of every metalworking shop. These pesky residuals add to the cost and complexity to most production processes. Moreover, most customers for precision parts mandate a zero-tolerance policy for burrs. As cost cutting drives more applications away from labor-intensive secondary and tertiary operations, better tools are needed to help consolidate processing into a minimum amount of handling. In other words, if deburring can be done in the machine, it’s better than on a bench. What is needed are tools that can consistently remove machine-produced burrs both visible and hidden on complex parts. Read more.

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Wal-Mart holds a sustainable packaging expo
posted by editor on Tuesday April 24, @05:00AM
from the New-Trends dept.
Packaging For Packaging Digest Anne-Marie Mohan writes... Wal-Mart's bottom-line goal, as stated during the Clinton Global Initiative last September, is to reduce pack-aging by 5 percent by 2013—an objective that will be tracked through use of the scorecard. Ultimately, how-ever, Kistler noted that Wal-Mart's initiative has been designed to ensure business sustainability. "Sustainability is not just environmental sustainability," he said. "It's also business sustainability. Because if it's not going to work on the business side, we're not going to ultimately help the environment, because we will fail. So it's got to be about business sustainability." Read more.

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Expanding The Expanding Mandrel’s Usefulness
posted by editor on Monday April 23, @08:00AM
from the Toolroom dept.
Work Holding For MMSOnline Mark Albert writes... Trained as a design engineer and expert machinist, Mr. Palmer liked to take on the tricky, difficult work other shops avoided. Now located in a 17,000-square-foot facility, his shop has grown to accommodate 20 CNC machines and 42 employees. Along the way, he found a need to locate and hold thin-walled parts on the ID to avoid distortion during precision machining. He developed a special expanding mandrel with an unusually long length-to-diameter ratio. Read more.

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Steel thixoforming
posted by editor on Monday April 23, @05:00AM
from the New-Processes dept.
Press & Shear For thefabricator.com Todd Helms writes... To improve vehicle efficiency, automakers have been replacing steel with plastics, aluminum alloys, and other lighter-weight materials. Parts made from materials lighter than steel, however, are more complex and command some of the highest margins. Even so, the demand for lightweight, high-strength components is increasing at the expense of traditional steel parts. Emerging technologies, such as steel thixoforming, may help reverse this trend. Thixoformed steel parts are significantly lighter than equally strong parts formed by conventional means. At the same time, thixoformed parts require less raw material, machining or finishing, and energy than traditional steel parts. As a result, this technology may make steel parts competitive with alloy and plastic parts in weight, strength, and cost. Read more.

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